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How to prevent being the victim of a burglary

According to statistics, in the UK burglaries or attempted ones occur more than a million times per year which makes everyone a potential victim. The only way to prevent it is to ensure that your house or business is protected by being one step ahead and installing  CCTV, alarm systems or access control to make your house or business unattractive to burglars.

The best way to find out how to do this is to speak to companies who sell home and business security systems on a daily basis.  You can find out from them what works best or you can do what a radio station did, they wrote letters to prisoners convicted of burglary, in which they asked why they broke into a house or business and what they looked for.

It must first be understood that a burglar differs from a thief in the sense that a thief acts on the spur of the moment while many burglars are risk-takers and approach their burglary or attempt based on an evaluation of the risks involved. They would rather abandon an attempt before they get caught. With all this in mind, the following things crystalized as ways of increasing the risk to the burglar to the extent that he moves his attention elsewhere.


Fact: Burglars don’t like to break into houses where people are at home

We can’t be at home all the time so we must sometimes give the impression that there is somebody at home.

Leave your car parked in the driveway, creating the impression that someone is home. Avoid leaving the car parked in the same spot for days on end as this may signal that you are not home. Keep a radio or TV on somewhere in the house, this creates the impression of a person being in the house. Burglaries are more likely to take place during the mornings or afternoons, it is best to keep a device on during these times. There are timers available that can be remotely switched on and of which can be of great use to remotely switch equipment on and off to avoid creating a pattern.


Doberman guard dog

Fact: Burglars don’t like dogs.

They hate dogs! Especially big ones. Advertise that you have a dog by putting a beware of the dog sign on your back gate. You could even put a ring chime on your door when your out which plays the sound of big dogs barking if you don’t have real dogs of your own to chase burglars away.


Fact: Burglars would rather kick a door down than break a glass and get cut

Install a smart lock with a lock bolt on your door which activates your alarm system and helps as an access control measure when you are not home. This is also the ideal system to remotely manage access to your house.


Fact: Crime rates increase by 20% in the winter months

That’s right, crime rates increase by 20% in the winter months due to the shorter daylight hours. This means longer nights, giving thieves more time under cover of darkness. Halloween and Bonfire night also means a large number of people may be out at night, creating the perfect opportunity for thieves to target unsuspecting citizens and their empty homes.

Luckily, our camera systems provide HD imagery, even in complete darkness!


HiWatch wifi doorbell camera

Fact: Burglars don’t like to be seen and identified.

The addition of CCTV systems for monitoring and recording activity on your property is any burglars worst nightmare. They do not like to be watched and recorded.

Install a Wifi doorbell which can connect to your security system, this will allow you to see who knocks on the door, even if you are out. Most burglars will check out a property to see who’s home weeks before that attempt a break-in,  keeping track of who answers and when.


Fact: Burglars don’t like Alarm systems

Although a burglar who knows what they want will enter and leave a home in seconds, others will scope out a properties alarm system before attempting a break-in. Burglars would rather go for a property without an alarm system to prevent detection, being rushed and getting caught.


Fact: You can be at home all the time.

This is very true but the right combination of common-sense precautions, linked with technology can allow you to respond to any prospective burglar who attempts to enter your property. Installing security systems along with access controls that can be monitored on your smartphone when you are not home, will deter many criminals.


Extra tips

  • Close your blinds, don’t show off your goods while you’re out.
  • At Christmas, don’t put your empty boxes by your wheely bins advertising your new TV or Macbook!
  • Do not leave your car keys/house keys by your front door or cat flap, burglars can reach them through your letter box using a rod.
  • Don’t advertise on social media when you’re on holiday, who knows who could see when your house is completely empty for two weeks.


Speak to your local security provider Moore Security Systems who will be happy to help keep your home and business safe.


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