Nottingham | Large Commercial installation

The commercial property we installed had been subject to several repeat break-ins costing thousands of pounds in damages to the property and several thousand pounds in the property that was stolen. Moore Security System team were called with hope to find a solution to stop these thieves.

We all know we can not stop crime altogether, but we definitely can make it very difficult for criminals to get away with it.


  • Deter thieves from attempting to break-in
  • Make it difficult for thieves to get into the property undetected
  • Minimise the number of goods stolen
  • Increase the chances of conviction after the break-in


We proposed to install some of the latest technology available in security systems, to ensure we provide and successfully achieve our objectives.

Security systems installed for the two buildings

We’ve installed the following:

    • 28x 4k Hikvision cameras, offering a full view of the outside buildings without any blind spots and also internal cameras. These cameras are set up with motion detection which will alert the owner if anyone comes onto the property.
    • 27 zone & 25 zone grade 3 monitored alarm system, offering full motion detection on all rooms in the building and with shock sensors on doors and windows. The shock sensors will alert the owner’s phone and also set the alarm off.
    • Master blaster siren, offering an extremely loud siren when the alarm is triggered.
    • 4x fog cannons, offering complete loss of visibility in the building in seconds leaving thieves unable to see what they are doing. This is integrated with the SmartWater below.
    • 4 x SmartWater spray systems, offering the latest in crime-fighting technology. The spray system will spray intruders with your own chemically coded SmartWater which once sprayed onto clothes & objects is impossible to remove and will stay on skin and clothing for up to a year. SmartWater works directly with the police and there is a 100% conviction rate in court.
    • Signage to alert intruders of the fog and SmartWater protection.



Since all the security systems were installed, the company has reported no break-ins. Success!

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